Dapoxetine: Insights on Breast Cancer Awareness

The celebration of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month held every October is one of the most effective international health campaigns done each year. Most women around the globe now recognize the risk of getting breast cancer and are made aware of the preventive measures that one can take to avoid it or at least detect it early. Having a serious ailment like cancer is difficult for both the patient and their families but knowing what they are up against makes it easier for them to cope.

Information is the key to making sound decisions, which makes this annual awareness campaign an essential tool in combating breast cancer worldwide. Knowing the different types of breast cancers that can afflict women, as well as the available treatment options, can spell the difference between losing a life or body part and a chance to live a healthy life. Although there are several treatments available for breast cancer, scientists and medical researchers still continue to search for breast cancer cures that will safeguard the health of women against this dreaded ailment.

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Some of the recent clinical trials for breast cancer drugs can be found at websites like cureLauncher.com. The survival rate for breast cancer patients has already increased over the years due to the combined factors of technology, treatment innovations, and early detection, the fruits of a regular awareness campaign that supports research on breast cancer causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and cure.

December Avenue

ECM 2532 CD 6025 5726302 2 RELEASE: MARCH 31ST 2017

Tomasz Stanko New York Quartet December Avenue


"Music it is a kind of dream." Beautiful video clip for a charity DREAM PROJECT.


A few nice picks from the Festival in Sarajevo

Grand Central

An animation to a tune "Grand Central" from "Dark Eyes" album


Tomasz Stańko "Polin" Music for Polin - Museum of The History of Polish Jews

Honorary prize 2014 from The German Record Critics’ Award Association

Tomasz Stanko received one of the tree honorary prizes 2014 given by the ‘Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik’ (PdSK), an independent association of more than 140 journalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as it was announced on January 15th in Bonn. With the award the jury acknowledges Stanko’s lifelong work as Polands most important jazz ambassador [...]