Ancient ocean, you are the symbol of identity: always equal to yourself. Essentially you never change, and if your waves are somewhere lashed into fury, elsewhere they are stilled in the most complete peace. You are not like men, who linger in the street to watch two bulldogs tearing at each other’s throats but who hurry on when a funeral passes; who in the morning may be reasonable and in the evening evil-tempered; who laugh today and weep tomorrow. I salute you, ancient ocean!

“Les Chants de Maldoror” by Lautreamont

(photo by Kevin Gordon)

Tomasz Stanko “Maldoror’s War Song” live

Tomasz Stanko “Maldodr’s War Song” from the “Bosonossa and other Ballads”



"Music it is a kind of dream." Beautiful video clip for a charity DREAM PROJECT.

(Waves) follow one another in parallel lines, each separated from the next by a brief distance. Scarcely has one subsided than another swells to replace it, to the accompaniment of the melancholy sound of breaking foam, warning us that all is foam. "Les Chants de Maldoror" by Lautreamont


A few nice picks from the Festival in Sarajevo

Grand Central

An animation to a tune "Grand Central" from "Dark Eyes" album

Album “Wisława”


Tomasz Stanko introduces a new and exciting quartet, in a double album full of strong themes, inspired playing, and improvisational daring.