No clue if this will help you or not, but a few swings will tell you! duck hook - (aka: "snap hook", "snapper", "quacker") a shot that curves abruptly and severely right to left (right-handed player). A very severe hook is sometimes called a "duck hook" or "snap hook." Right after the duck hook ? I have no idea why you snap hook your driver, but this is a recurring problem for me and I know what helps when I start snapping mine. Golfers hitting duck hooks tend to hit a hook or draw on regular shots. When a ball starts straight before a severe landing to the left, it’s referred to as a snap hook or a duck hook. I get my whole body ahead of the ball and then there's no other way to launch the thing except a snap-hook, or something WAY right if I consciously force myself to not snap-hook. A duck hook (or snap hook) is essentially just a hook. Watch The … Exaggerate this correction by trying to hit fades and slices. Setting up the golf club in such a way that the clubface is squared at the time of setup will promote a hook. ~ - When you hit a low hook shot that doesn't travel very far. In short, to stop the snap hook you have to get a more online swing path. For me, the quick fix is to focus on getting more vertical on my takeaway. The direct cause of duck hook is a closed clubface at impact. Michael Breed fixes the dreaded snap hook, and teaches how to use your body throughout the golf swing in this week’s #AskBreed Presented by FootJoy. There are two types of cause. So a shot where the ball begins to move right to left almost immediately would be more likely to be called a duck hook than one which is a bit more gradual in it's movement. 1) Clubface is closed at impact + Swing path is inside in 2) Clubface is extremely closed + Swing path is either inside out or inside in. Creating a hook intentionally can be advantageous for a player who is looking for ways to strengthen his/her grip. The Causes of Duck Hook and How to Fix it. Example: Timothy tried to kill his drive on the first hole and ended up with an ugly duck hook/snap hook/snapper/quacker. By slowing or even stopping your turn toward the target, your arms and hands whip through the hitting area and shut the clubface, producing that dreaded snap hook… To cure the duck hook, you need to analyze both your swing path and face angle at impact. Some people refer to a hook as a duck/snap hook to indicate the severity of the right to left movement. Final Words on How to Fix a Snap Hook Drive: As you have learned from experience, a duck hook is a nasty ball flight to have and sends the ball much further left of your target than a minor hook or draw ball flight. I've had problems with snap-hooks, and it seems -- for me -- to really come from way too much lateral movement. The snap hook almost always results from a backswing flaw of getting the club too far across the line at the top and coming from underneath on the downswing. A hook is a more severe version of a draw, and the hook is the opposite of a slice. I start hooking my driver when I get to flat on my takeaway. When those terms are used, it probably means the ball flight started out straight before dropping severely to the left.