Copra Cake or Copra Meal. Supplier of COCONUT OIL, COPRA MEAL, COPRA CAKE, PALM OIL; Established in 1994; Employees Total: 11 - 50 We introduce ourselves as one of the leading exporters of soap & cosmetic raw materials, cooking … Supply comes from major oil mills in the Philippines. Check new suppliers of copra meal in Philippines. The Philippines is the world’s largest coconut producer and supplies much of the demand of copra meal around the globe. The plant uses mechanical, full press oil extraction technology and consistently operates at one of the highest utilisation rates in the industry. Our Company, TANTUCO ENTERPRISES, INC. is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality RBD Coconut Oil, Vegetable Shortening & Margarine carrying the brand names: EXORA, EL CIELO and APPROVED in the Philippines. See more offers of Copra Meal (Coconut Meal) in Philippines chevron_right No Overview data available Unfortunately, we do not have Overview data related to Copra Meal (Coconut Meal) in Philippines at the moment, but we may be able to help you find the data that you need. It is the byproduct of extracting crude coconut oil from the copra meat. For example, copra meal exports totalled 586,173 mt in 1994 (Figure 24) with 96% being exported to Europe, mainly to the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, and Italy. Look up Philippines exporters directory of copra meal here. Copra meal is used as fodder for horses and cattle while its high oil levels and protein make it great for fattening … Made in Philippines Copra Directory - Offering Wholesale Filipino Copra from Philippines Copra Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors at • Grain and Oilseeds We are a supplier of grain and meal, serving a wide variety of customers in both the food and feed industries. : (63.42) 373.5291 / (63.42) 373.3052 Fax: (63.42) 373.3052 Email: ASIA PACIFIC OIL MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Products: coconut oil, crude (refined, bleached and deodorized) cochin, copra meal… Cargill also operates Copra Cake or Copra Meal is the dried meat or kernel of a coconut. Made in Philippines Copra Meal Directory - Offering Wholesale Filipino Copra Meal from Philippines Copra Meal Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors at … Copra crushing Located in General Santos City in the southern Philippines, our copra crushing plant sources and processes copra – dried coconut meat – into crude coconut oil. Supplier of Copra Meal, Copra Horse Feed & Coolstance Copra offered by Sacor Industries Unlimited from Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines. We also own and operate a copra crushing plant in General Santos City, producing crude coconut oil and copra meal for domestic and export markets. Other products include Crude Coconut Oil, Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate, Copra Cake, Coconut methyl … View profile, contact info, product catalog credit report of Sacor Industries Unlimited Our data covers copra meal exporters list in Philippines, export quantity of copra meal, value, traders and manufacturers name of copra meal, export partners and other shipment details. A & G COCONUT ENTERPRISES Products: coconut oil (crude; refined, bleached and deodorized) Address: Barangay Silangang Mayao, Lucena City Tel. Copra meal.