*/ title: 'Quote Right', var username = $(".comment_user_" + data.id + " .UserName").clone(); { http://admissions.nus.edu.sg/sprogramme-igp.html#tabel1. { disableNativeSpellChecker: false, What is the Entry requirements for NUS Architecture 4 year course? }, args: ['p', 'class', 'chat-question', 'toggle'] pasteInlineTags: ['strong', 'br', 'b', 'em', 'i'], //disableObjectResizing: true, url: '/flag_comment', $('.arc_reply_comment_box').html(data); $(document).on('click', '.StatsTrigger', function(e){ As a recent graduate of Nus architecture, I'd just like to reiterate to those who read this humbled forum especially those who are in the midst of deciding their university admissions. { "pullquote-left": { linkShowTargetTab: false, Archinect discussion forum, for all issues architectural. }, { }, SINGAPORE - An invitation by the National University of Singapore (NUS) to its recent graduates to come up with fresh ideas for a post-Covid-19 world has seen 32 … return this.each(function() imageUpload: '/redactor/upload', Read the Summary of Event Proceedings: By Saddiq Basha Intern, Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore. args: ['blockquote', 'class', 'pullquote-right', 'toggle'] resize_dir: 'vertical', callbacks: // what the y position of the scroll is $('.GlobalSocialIcons').show(); skin: 'v2', $(container).find(".BottomReply").hide(); imageUploadError: function(json, xhr) args: ['p', 'class', 'chat-answer', 'toggle'] scayt_autoStartup: false, if (featured_comment_counter == 0){ window.location.reload(); $("#arc_comment_" + data.id + ">.Top>.Right>.CommentModerate>ul>li>.BlockingAction").html(co.block.text).attr("rel", "block").attr("original-title", co.block.title); var menuheight = $('.MainMenu').height(); "chat-question": { imageUpload: function(image, json) } $('.arc_reply_comment_box #comment_reply_form').submit(); }); { by mama of 2 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:58 pm, Post modal_data = co['flag']; args: ['h3', 'class', 'subheading', 'toggle'] featured_comment_counter--; $('#StickyBanner').addClass('fixed'); { arc_external('.Thread', 149947630); } resize_dir: 'vertical', return; The cut off (first round) is 393 for 4 subjects other than english. }); buttons: ['bold', 'italic', 'lists', 'link', 'image'], }, $('body').append("

"); The nearest stations to NUS Central Forum are: Kent Ridge Cres - Ctrl Lib (16181) is 45 meters away, 1 min walk. { The Architecture Community of Practice (ACoP) is made up of passionate professionals specialising in enterprise, business, information, application, technology security and solution architectures. if (extra_params === undefined) }, formattingAdd: { args: ['blockquote', 'class', 'pullquote-right', 'toggle'] }); title: 'Quote Centered', selector = $(".CommentBanner").length ? args: ['p', 'class', 'figcaption', 'toggle'] var button = this; { Based on the assessed level of neediness, an eligible applicant will be offered one or more of the following types of loan: NUS Study Loan to be awarded: a) Loan which covers 10%/20% of the … $('#arc_new_comment').html(data); Use the interactive table below to filter the rankings by location, and click on individual universities for more information. url: '/reaction', We catch up with NUS’ Prof Ho Puay Peng and Forum Architects’ Tan Kok Hiang. }, Clementi Rd - Nus Fac Of Architecture (16149) is 474 meters away, 7 min walk. }); }); { }); { $.ajax({ plugins:'a11yhelp,basicstyles,bidi,blockquote,button,clipboard,colorbutton,colordialog,dialogadvtab,div,enterkey,entities,filebrowser,find,flash,font,format,forms,horizontalrule,iframe,image,indent,justify,link,list,maximize,newpage,pagebreak,pastefromword,pastetext,popup,preview,print,removeformat,resize,save,smiley,showblocks,showborders,sourcearea,stylescombo,table,specialchar,tab,templates,toolbar,undo,wysiwygarea,wsc,archinect,wysiwygarea', var lineHeight = parseInt($(textarea).css('line-height'), 10); Read the transcript of Mr Kausikan’s speech and the Q&A.. Lecture #01: Geopolitical Competition in the Middle East | The Gulf States – The Competition for Influence by Abdullah Baabood [Thursday, 20 August 2020]. function arc_editor_feature_423(el, extra_params) $(document).on('click', "#comment_moderation #submit_button", function() } $(parent_node).find(".BottomReply").remove(); var status = $(this).attr('rel'); $('#' + el).redactor({ scayt_autoStartup: false, height: 300, } $(reply_container).remove(); title: 'Quote Left', Proven and Distinguished Track Record – NUS Architecture produced many of Singapore’s best design architects, researchers and writers, including 4 of the nation’s President Designer of the Year Award recipients. /* $.each(data.counts, function(key, value) success: function(data, status, xhr) MAILING ADDRESS. var link = $(''); { $.ajax({ language: 'en', $('

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').insertBefore(selector); { plugins: ['imagemanager'], { $(parent).find('.rating-count[rel=' + key + ']').attr('original-title', data.reaction_users[key]); }, alert(json.message); by chu082011 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:59 pm, Return to “Tertiary Education - A-Levels, Diplomas, Degrees”, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. About the Architecture Community of Practice (ACoP) Forum The Architecture Community of Practice (ACoP) is made up of passionate professionals specialising in enterprise, business, information, application, technology security and solution architectures. NUS further revealed that the mean gross monthly salary of fresh NUS graduates in full-time permanent employment was S$3,659 in 2017 - up 3.7% from the S$3,527 in 2016. /*if( typeof( arc_editor_423 ) == 'function' ) { } buttons: ['html', 'format', 'bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'lists', 'link', 'image'], $("#featured_comments_section #arc_featured_comment_" + data.id + " .arc_reply_comment").remove(); callbacks: Btw, ntu admits were out yesterday "pullquote-centered": { }); args: ['p', 'class', 'chat-question', 'toggle'] { customConfig : '', args: ['p', 'class', 'figcaption', 'toggle'] url: '/ban_close', }, $(document).on('click', ".arc_view_hidden_comment", function() linkShowTargetTab: false, if (data.reaction_users.hasOwnProperty(key)) /* linkShowAdvancedTab: false, args: ['p', 'class', 'chat-answer', 'toggle'] } { Graduates would also have opportunities to work in related fields including and not limited to interior design, industrial design, industrialised building systems, graphic design, commercial art and architectural journalism. var id =arc_pathname( $(this).attr('href'), true); } $.ajax( }, { $(point).replaceWith('Flagged'); success: function(result, status, xhr) Unlike Singaporean public housing, condominiums, and colleges at UTown, the towers at Yale-NUS are slender to allow for natural ventilation, said Tan Kok Hiang, Founding Director of Forum Architects. arc_comment_head_actions(); $(point).html(co.feature.text).attr("rel", 30).attr("original-title", co.feature.title); scpt.parentNode.insertBefore(elem, scpt); else if (status == '30') plugins: ['imagemanager'], { }); $("form.arc_ajax_comment .CommentForm").slideDown(); */ toolbarCanCollapse: false //plugins:'a11yhelp,basicstyles,bidi,blockquote,button,clipboard,colorbutton,colordialog,dialogadvtab,div,enterkey,entities,filebrowser,find,flash,font,format,forms,horizontalrule,htmldataprocessor,iframe,image,indent,justify,keystrokes,link,list,maximize,newpage,pagebreak,pastefromword,pastetext,popup,preview,print,removeformat,resize,save,smiley,showblocks,showborders,sourcearea,stylescombo,table,specialchar,tab,templates,toolbar,undo,wysiwygarea,wsc,vimeo,youtube', Are you sure you want to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site? imageUploadError: function(json, xhr) imageUploadFields: extra_params, url: $(form).attr('action'), } } }, var prev = $(this).attr("prev"); customConfig : '', $('a.arc_flag_entry').click(function(e) if (!$("#featured_comments_section").length){ Section 1: Introduction to Course and Python Fundamentals – In this introduction, an overview of key Python concepts is covered as well as the motivating factors for building industry professionals to learn to code. }; $('#' + el).redactor({ disableNativeSpellChecker: false, skin: 'v2', if(e.isDefaultPrevented()) }); title: 'Quote Left', /* Image by Gigi on Unsplash. pasteBlockTags: ['ul', 'ol', 'li', 'p'], } scayt_autoStartup: false, { }, CKEDITOR.replace(el , { buttons: ['html', 'format', 'bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'lists', 'link', 'image'], resize_enabled: true, Hey there, I've got an offer from NUS Singapore for the MA in urban design program. var featured_comment_counter = parseInt($("#featured_comment_counter").html()); $(container).find(".ReplyComments").append('
'); University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Schidlowski Emerging Faculty Fellowship Appointment, Faculty Position in Architecture and Urban Design, Real Estate Development Faculty Position (Open Rank), Portfolio Workshop, hosted by RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabasca University, “Building Justice- Design and Planning for a Just Society”​, Call for Participation/Submission - Radical Manifestations | 13th Atmosphere Symposium. //forcePasteAsPlainText: true, data: {id: id, arc_token: window.arc_token}, While the median gross monthly salary of fresh graduates in full-time permanent employment was S$3,500 in 2017 - … resize_dir: 'vertical', e.preventDefault(); { disableNativeSpellChecker: false, /* return false; { function arc_comment_head_actions(suffix) formatting: ['p'], else if (data.status == 'block') Graduates with a BA (Arch) degree who have completed Advanced Architectural Studies on Design Computing, Architectural & Urban Heritage or Urban Studies could work within these areas in architectural practices, government agencies or in research. { { $("#comment_moderation").modal(); { }); USP student Ng Alison (Law + USP, Class of 2023) formed a team with her NUS friends to compete in two virtual competitions. skin: 'v2', } } linkShowTargetTab: false, type: 'GET', function arc_editor_basic(el) var referrer = $(this); removePlugins: 'liststyle,tabletools,contextmenu', }, appId: "9b46cc1e-e63b-4f52-b5c6-2283f5ba4cb4", }; if (!$(data).find(".arc_ajax_comment").length) modal_data = co['unblock']; imageUpload: function(image, json) $('#arc_new_comment').hide(); } args: ['blockquote', 'class', 'pullquote-center', 'toggle'] linkShowAdvancedTab: false, linkShowTargetTab: false, } else var remainingspace = windowheight - menuheight; }); $("#temp-loader").remove(); imageUploadError: function(json, xhr) linkShowTargetTab: false, } $(referrer).hide(); CKEDITOR.replace(el , { title: 'Caption', { } return false; Environment, Climate, Envelope. minHeight: 300, //plugins:'a11yhelp,basicstyles,bidi,blockquote,button,clipboard,colorbutton,colordialog,dialogadvtab,div,enterkey,entities,filebrowser,find,flash,font,format,forms,horizontalrule,htmldataprocessor,iframe,image,indent,justify,keystrokes,link,list,maximize,newpage,pagebreak,pastefromword,pastetext,popup,preview,print,removeformat,resize,save,smiley,showblocks,showborders,sourcearea,stylescombo,table,specialchar,tab,templates,toolbar,undo,wysiwygarea,wsc,vimeo,youtube', Forum Architects’ University Sports Centre, National University of Singapore was a Winner and Khoo Teck Puat – National University Children’s Medical Institute (KTP-NUCMI) clinches Honorable Mention. pasteBlockTags: ['ul', 'ol', 'li', 'p'], } if (($.client.os == 'Windows') && ($.client.browser == 'Chrome')) { $(".arc_reply_comment_box").remove(); "figcaption": { } What is the Entry requirements for NUS Architecture 4 year course? title: 'Subheading', plugins:'a11yhelp,basicstyles,bidi,blockquote,button,clipboard,colorbutton,colordialog,dialogadvtab,div,enterkey,entities,filebrowser,find,flash,font,format,forms,horizontalrule,htmldataprocessor,iframe,image,indent,justify,keystrokes,link,list,maximize,newpage,pagebreak,pastefromword,pastetext,popup,preview,print,removeformat,resize,save,smiley,showblocks,showborders,sourcearea,stylescombo,table,specialchar,tab,templates,toolbar,undo,wysiwygarea,wsc,archinect', link.attr({ type: 'text/css', rel: 'stylesheet', href: '/css/archinect.chrome.win.css?1', }); } callbacks: } } var form = $(this); 10th percentile refers to the A Level grade which is higher than 10% of that of other A level students who entered the course. $("#featured_comments_section #arc_featured_comment_" + data.id).remove(); { url: '/update_comment_status', { window.location.reload(); args: ['p', 'class', 'chat-question', 'toggle'] } buttons: ['html', 'format', 'bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'lists', 'link', 'image'], var action_referer = null; $(this).modal(); var link = $(''); { { Anyone can share experience and what is the chance if my DS’s A level results … title: 'Subheading', is there Anyone else heading there this year for Urban Design or any other architecture course ? $("#featured_comments_section").find("#arc_featured_comment_" + data.id).remove(); var id = $(this).attr('href'); codemirror: { type: 'POST', var y = $(this).scrollTop(); }); $(document).on('submit', 'form.arc_ajax_comment', function(e) $(touch + ">.Top>.Right>.CommentModerate>ul>li>.BlockingAction").html(co.unblock.text).attr("rel", "unblock").attr("original-title", co.unblock.title); "pullquote-right": { $("#featured_comment_counter").parent('h2').html('' + featured_comment_counter + ' Featured Comments'); resize_dir: 'vertical', $("#arc_comment_" + data.id).removeClass("HiddenComment"); url: '/flag_comment', scrollTop: $('.arc_reply_comment_box').offset().top-200 $(".BottomReply").show(); } $("#reply_body_html").focus(); $.ajax( return false; toolbarCanCollapse: false }); $("#arc_comment_" + data.id + ">.Top>.FeaturedCommentMarker").remove(); }; if (action_referer != null) clearInterval(textarea.interval); customConfig : '', { Entry requirements for Architecture in NUS? { Graduate Residence University Town Development – design by AWP Pte Ltd. 18 May 2012. $(image).replaceWith('

'); "pullquote-left": { To stay away from this course by all means. "subheading": { $(".arc_comment_" + id).show(); $("#featured_comments_section").remove(); $(container).append('
'); $('.menu').click(checkMenuDelay); if (($.client.os == 'Mac') && ($.client.browser == 'Chrome')) { }); if (prev == 'hidden') plugins: ['source', 'imagemanager'], $('#' + el).redactor({ $(image).replaceWith('

'); { skin: 'v2', var lineCount = Math.ceil(textarea.value.length / (textarea.cols + 20)); }; resize_enabled: false, pasteBlockTags: ['ul', 'ol', 'li', 'p'], var link = $(''); Environment, Climate, Envelope. { return false; }, { success: function(data, status, xhr) args: ['blockquote', 'class', 'pullquote-left', 'toggle'] $(document).on('click', "#cancel_reply_button", function() "pullquote-centered": { buttons: ['bold', 'italic', 'lists', 'link'] else } elem.type = "text/javascript"; url: '/edit_comment'+suffix+'/' + (new Date().getTime()) + '/' + id + arc_pathname(document.location.pathname), else if(data.status == '15') pasteInlineTags: ['strong', 'br', 'b', 'em', 'i'], modal_data = co['hide']; toolbar: [['Bold', 'Italic', 'BulletedList','NumberedList', 'Link', 'Image', 'Source']], { } READ MORE. if ($(reply_container).find(".Line").length == 0) pasteBlockTags: ['ul', 'ol', 'li', 'p'], NUS Graduate Residence Singapore, South East Asian Building, Design, Architect. else if(status == 'ban') $("#featured_comments_section .comment_user_" + result.data.user_id).remove(); else if ($(action_referer).hasClass('arc_ban_user')) { { $(document).ready(function() $(image).replaceWith('

'); success: function(data, status, xhr) "chat-question": { customConfig : '', alert(json.message); }); In an attempt to replicate the entryways at Yale, he added, each tower is separated into neighborhoods housing about 30 to 40 students. var data = {"id": $(point).attr('href'), "status": $(point).attr('rel')}; }); "figcaption": { $(".ReplyHelp").remove(); } $(this).find('.rating-icon').addClass('fas'); YALE-NUS COLLEGE WINS AT THE INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2016 We are happy to announce that out of 370 short-listed projects, Yale-NUS College has successfully emerged as one out of the 130 projects from over 40 nations that has been selected by a distinguished group of Italian architects, journalists and educators, to be awarded with The Internal Architecture Award 2016. } } if (ColBHeight > ColCHeight) { resize_enabled: true, imageUploadError: function(json, xhr) title: 'Chat Answer', } data: {id: id, arc_token: window.arc_token}, $(this).tipsy({gravity: 's'}); if (data.status == 'ignore'){ disableNativeSpellChecker: false, Meet The Two New Architecture Panel Jurors Of P*DA 2020. { elem.async = true; }, window.location.reload(); }else{ if (!$(referrer).hasClass('BottomReply')) else Anyone can share experience and what is the chance if my DS’s A level results … plugins:'a11yhelp,basicstyles,bidi,blockquote,button,clipboard,colorbutton,colordialog,dialogadvtab,div,enterkey,entities,filebrowser,find,flash,font,format,forms,horizontalrule,htmldataprocessor,iframe,image,indent,justify,keystrokes,link,list,maximize,newpage,pagebreak,pastefromword,pastetext,popup,preview,print,removeformat,resize,save,smiley,showblocks,showborders,sourcearea,stylescombo,table,specialchar,tab,templates,toolbar,undo,wysiwygarea,wsc,archinect', } } name: 'arc_token', }, $(document).ready(detectOverlapping); plugins: ['codemirror', 'imagemanager', 'removeformat', 'alignment'], Kent Ridge Cres - Computer Ctr (16189) is 97 meters away, 2 min walk. Went for SMU interview on late March as well, no news yet. } (function($) { scayt_autoStartup: false, $(".arc_reply_comment_box").remove(); $(document).ready(function() by mama of 2 » Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:22 pm, Post $.modal.close(); Nus claims second round will be better since iit admits will drop off. linkShowAdvancedTab: false, function arc_page_post_session() }); { $("#featured_comment_counter").parent('h2').html('' + featured_comment_counter + ' Featured Comment' + (featured_comment_counter > 1 ? //disableObjectResizing: true, $('body').append($(comment_modal).html()); }, { $(image).replaceWith('

'); $.ajax( /* title: 'Chat Answer', suffix = (typeof suffix == "undefined")? NUS Graduate Residence : Singapore Residential Building. toolbarCanCollapse: false else if(result.status == 'error') { $(".arc_reply_comment_box").remove(); $('.TooltipUserstat').livequery(function(){ if($(this).is('.login_trigger')) /* NUS University Sports Centre Singapore Landscape Architecture (SILA) Awards 2015 – Outstanding Award of Excellence by Final Jury BASF Learning Campus (Singapore) at 12, 13 & 17 Rochester Park Singapore Landscape Architecture (SILA) Awards 2015 – Gold Award BASF Learning Campus (Singapore) at 12, 13 & 17 Rochester Park if (($.client.os == 'Mac') && ($.client.browser == 'Firefox')) { /* allowedContent: 'p br b i ol ul li strong em center; a[*]{*}(*); img[*]; span[*]{*}(*); iframe[*]', }else{ //OneSignal.log.setLevel('trace') }, var id = arc_pathname($(this).attr('href'), true); args: ['blockquote', 'class', 'pullquote-center', 'toggle'] } { { .Thread img $.fn.autogrow.resize(textarea); { this.destroy(); */ link.attr({ type: 'text/css', rel: 'stylesheet', href: '/css/archinect.firefox.mac.css?1', }); if (value > 0) I'm pretty sure everyone knows the usual reasons - the late hours, the tremendous work involved etc, the politics etc $('
' + $(username[0]).text() + ' is ignored by you Edit Ignore Settings
').insertBefore(".comment_user_" + data.id); var touch = ".comment_user_" + result.data.user_id; }); var reaction = $(this).attr('rel');