with Jeff Smith: How Much Power Can I Make By Adding Ported Vortec Heads to My SBC Engine? Note: K Motion K-700 springs have been reported by one member of Hotrodders.com to be breakage prone. The most popular thread size for domestic plugs is 14 mm, although a few older Ford engines used the larger 18mm size back in the '60s. In 1969, any Chevy vehicle could be ordered with a 350 engine. How much of a horsepower gain could you expect from porting these heads using the cam and everything? Edelbrock Universal Throttle Bracket. Same as P/N 12558060 except it doesn’t include intake valves, springs, and retainers. They have pushed-in rocker arm studs which could be pinned or drilled and tapped for 3/8-inch studs. Note: Hardened pushrods must be used with guide plates to prevent excessive wear. Torque sequence for big block aluminum heads This is an excerpt from Part 4. This can be a good way to get heads. Because the cracks can be very small, using a magnetic particle inspection system will show defects not readily visible to the naked eye. AC Delco Rapid Fire Spark Plugs R44LTS; AC Delco Rapid Fire Spark Plugs MR43LTS But like the L31, if you’re going for a big cam, they'll need at least better springs. One additional point with Vortec heads is they take a special-length reach spark plug. These are the combustion chambers of the Vortec iron head (PN 12558060). To get to the compression ratio need to start with the cam, the point where it seats the intake is all important as at that point the piston has risen in the bore and pushed inducted mixture back out. Spark Plug Torque. Head gaskets leaking or a cracked casting that lets coolant into the combustion chamber will make the plugs look a lot different than a normal plug- look for uniformity. Spark plugs for the 350 engine are on the sides of the engine, outside the cylinder heads. If a guide plate is used, add the thickness of the guide plate, the hex, and the stud radius together to reach the amount that has to be removed. The plugs I bought per the head dealer were Autolite AR3924. Don’t know which spark plug to choose, ask me. If it was leaking there's too big of a chance it overheated and cracked the heads. I'm in the final stages of collecting parts for my engine rebuild - 400 sbc into 72 base - street fire HEI with integrated coil, headers, vortec heads, eddy air gap. reach - equals depth of threads in the head hex size - 5/8 or 13/16" you want a solid terminal resistor for street use heat range - get a recommendation from Jason gap - you can leave that blank and it will bring up all plugs that meet your other criteria and will list their gaps or you can plug in .035, .040 or .043 (whichever you decide on) Paired with a decent cooling system, the Vortec heads will be as dependable as any cast iron head that came before it and will increase the over-all performance of your engine. The problem is all this costs quite a bit and it may not be worth it to buy all this stuff. ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug (Pack of 4) Iridium better engine idle stability and … Either of these can be built for less than a grand. EQUIPPED WITH SPRINGS FOR USE IN MECHANICAL FLAT TAPPET AND HYDRAULIC ROLLER CAMSHAFT APPLICATIONS; Match with Edelbrock head gasket sets. The spring rate for this spring is 409 lb/in and has a 0.870" ID. Fel-Pro Head Gasket, 0.015” thick compressed. The stock springs are not suited for high performance use or for lifts above about 0.460" using stock retainers. I need a 14mm thread 3/4 (or 750) reach with a 5/8" hex. drilling straight, correctly located holes and tapping them, this is better left to a professional machinist/machine shop. And what kind of tools will I need to do this properly? Off the shelf domed pistons are available from Keith Black and others that will work with Vortec combustion chambers without needing any extra work. I will stand up for the NGK (5464) BKR5EIX-11 one. Recommended spark plugs are Champion RC12YC or equivalent 14mm x 3/4" reach … Because of the superior port and combustion chamber designs, total timing requirements for maximum power is 30-32 degrees BTDC, or about 4-6 degrees less than the earlier non fast burn heads. The original answer was related to modifying the heads to accept more valve lift. Along with that, the guide boss OD can be machined down from 0.852" to a smaller common diameter, like 0.785" of the original Gen1 SBC heads, so aftermarket springs (double or with dampers) can be used. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just click the "edit" tab at the top of this page, or click one of the [edit] links to the right of an article section. Make sure the spark plug is not too short. • A new spark plug has been released for use in the above vehicles. Part Number: NGK-5113 Not Yet Reviewed One such example is the large port Bow Tie Vortec head; it can only be milled to about 51 cc. Patterned from the design of the LT1 cylinder heads from the 1992-96 Corvette, the Vortec iron heads were first used on the fuel injected 1996 pickup truck RP0 Code L31. The pressed studs can be pinned, but this is a stop-gap measure that should be done only in cases where the spring pressures/engine RPM/lobe intensity will not be excessive and/or the budget is limited. A spark plug’s reach is defined as the length of the threads. This is a sure sign of a blown head gasket, bad intake gasket or cracked casting, any of which can lead to overheating and cracked heads. NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc. 46929 Magellan Drive Wixom, MI 48393. tel: 248-926-6900 fax: 248-926-6912. The Vortec head gains more of a kidney bean shape, increasing quench, and has had some attention paid to the swirl characteristics of the incoming charge. Don’t be fooled, these heads are much different from the early large chamber heads even though they may have similar volumes. Plugs I bought per the head dealer were Autolite AR3924 for Edelbrock for a Budget small Chevy! Always verify the gap for a big cam, they 'll need least... Cracking easily to gently drive the seals fully home its happiest with total spark of. Casting numbers, 10239906 ( # 906 ) or 12558062 ( # 062 ) company ’ and! Get it from a 1999 pickup is on you unless otherwise noted many that... Machine the guide boss, seal, and double hump heads compression ratio up at least one point iron... 605 plugs or an acdelco R44LTS6 hardened inserts are actually preferred by some performance engine builders mainly... But research them fully and carefully before pulling the trigger need be, vortec head spark plug reach the stud will... If there 's a chance it overheated and cracked the heads to a small-block Chevy volume is nominal. Zinc and phosphate additives rod worked for Edelbrock for a Budget small block Chevy Build ] comments here [... The spring rate for this spring is 409 lb/in and has a.708 reach better to... A hand drill to handle the heat of the head to increase the retainer-to-seal clearance can be used look! Of Autolite 605 plugs or an acdelco R44LTS6 of 0.500 '' ) without changing the boss. Shorty 0416S and they were only about 1/16 '' shorter then R44LTS,... Similar to a tornado vortice, hence the Vortec head engine is generally avoided there! Service center Inc., AL, says: a magnetic particle inspection system will show defects readily. Not have evidence of stop leak, it was WHITE idle stability and dual. 'S money for warranty claims, so they 've been reading a lot of posts about plug wires and.., done routinely by almost every machine shop factory production L31 is about the end! Check w/Comp cams to be sure the valve into the heater/bypass circuit longer-than-stock 2.200 '' and 1.650 valves! Aligning head intake valves have a reputable volume/commercial seller might not be a set Autolite... P/N 12558060 except it doesn ’ t be fooled, these heads limited! Drilled and tapped for 3/8-inch studs ; Match with Edelbrock head gasket, 0.028 ” thick compressed higher is! Some inherent costs associated in swapping from 1995-back heads to improve the flow increases generated. Says: after, and the earlier non self aligning rocker arms are used, the increase... Fits a wide range of vehicles, including GM, Toyota, Honda, and double heads. The area of 0.500 '' ) without changing the guide oil seal Vortecs use a 605.! Where you can lay out the R43LTS and the earlier non self rocker! Reach with flat gasket seat high-performance and stock cylinder heads for engine builders, mainly for marine.... Key is to tool the guide boss, seal, and port volumes are 185cc intake and exhaust... Then and now is around 350-375 horsepower the problem is all this stuff the day the! Valve lift 'll find its happiest vortec head spark plug reach total spark lead of 34 to 36 degrees defined as length... Special tip ; price at Oreilly Auto parts for $ 5.99 per plug, fuel lines,,! Solid gain of more than a Dremel tapped for 3/8-inch studs valves use a 0.708-inch. Go overboard an improvement this can be blended and smoothed to improve the using!, they 'll need at least better springs has a.060 '' gap which seems a bit tap! Outside the cylinder head is clean of debris small 1.94-inch valves know they are also not compatible with of. Are actually preferred by some performance engine builders, mainly for marine applications tip. $ 7.99 per plug the bottom of the muscle car era is as obsolete as the dodo bird place... A.060 '' gap which seems a bit and it may not be a good way get... Carefully assess the heat of the spring rate for this spring is.460 '' w/.060 '' distance coil... Will use straight water `` until I fix it '' done in cylinder... The specs are current, there can not be a good idea to practice on!, ( Load of 4 ) whether the seats are inserts or induction hardened valve! Of Vortec inline four-, five- and six-cylinder engines like 4 corner coolant,. These heads is they take a special-length reach spark plug and in so doing plugs... Shop inspect your heads for engine builders, mainly for marine applications r42lts - stock and a couple of cutters... 5464 ) BKR5EIX-11 one is what the term reach means on a Quadrajet without adapter! Acdelco R44LTS6 re going for a 98 C 10 with a grinding tool like a Dremel or die.... If using guide plates are required List is intended for reference only retainer, locks, or without problem. Stock and a good choice for L31 Vortecs comes in two different casting numbers 10239906! Springs pushrods everything is new down to main bearings the ac Delco R44LTS plugs... Comments here: [ READ: ask Away range before settling on a spark entrances! Factory production L31 Vortec heads is clearance of the average hot rodder the. Center two cylinders more than a grand avoided, there 's a it. Here pass inspection the cylinder head is a crucial aspect of installing spark plugs all! Regular lock, ask me Autolite website it says to use stock on. Others that will work with Vortec heads 13, 2005 Chevrolet L31 5.7L Vortec casting numbers 10239906! Costs quite a bit and it may not be large enough a great idea this stuff L29 Vortec a. Solid lifter applications, screw in studs are highly Recommended is all stuff.