Drinking wine while pregnant could help child's development. For decades, researchers have known that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause birth defects. The Guardian, 6 October 2010. Drinking white or red wine in pregnancy can put your baby at risk for mental and physical disabilities. Wine During Pregnancy, Really? Daily Express, 6 October 2010. It may be challenging to adapt to maternity and change without the assistance of that cheeky glass of wine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says when pregnant women drink, their baby drinks, and this can potentially lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). Plus, for some women, one glass of wine during pregnancy leads to another. However, they can still enjoy the taste they love and the same feeling of class and sophistication through a glass of non-alcoholic wine. This is the reason why most healthcare professionals ask pregnant women to steer clear of all kinds of alcohol during pregnancy . Twenty-five percent reported low alcohol consumption, or three to seven drinks per week (“a drink” defined as a glass of wine or a little less than a 12-ounce bottle of beer). There's been little research into low to moderate alcohol use during pregnancy, specifically drinking up to one or two drinks a week. Kelly YJ, Sacker A, Gray R et al. Pregnant women who drink up to two standard glasses of wine a week are unlikely to harm their unborn baby, a new study suggested. While it’s up for debate whether or not a few sips of wine—or even a glass or two—is enough to cause harm to a fetus, there’s no doubt that excessive drinking will harm an unborn child. True, in many European countries an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy, sipped with food during a meal, is accepted. More than half of them reported drinking alcohol during the first three months of pregnancy. Non-alcoholic wine has been around for years, but questions about its safety still circulate throughout the expectant mothers’ community. A glass of wine a day while pregnant 'will not harm your baby' A glass of wine a day will not harm your baby and may actually be good for a child’s development, researchers have found. According to British scientists, the future mother can drink 3 to 5 glasses of red wine like Shiraz wine. ... or a medium-sized glass of light white wine… But given all of the risks of drinking when you're expecting, it’s best to … Light drinking during pregnancy 'does children no harm'. A lot of people these days are turning to wine-o-clock to unwind. During pregnancy, women are unable to drink alcohol. 1. Can you drink wine during pregnancy? Some (19%) reported occasionally drinking alcohol. Links to the science. According to a recent study, enjoying a glass of wine a week during pregnancy leads to better mental health outcomes for kids by age 7. The study, which lasted for 5 years, showed that children whose mother moderately consumed red wine during pregnancy, spoke better, knew more letters, flowers, unlike children whose mothers gave up consuming alcohol during pregnancy. According to the CDC (Center For Disease Control And Prevention), “ A 5-ounce glass of white wine during pregnancy has the same amount of alcohol as a 12-ounce can of beer or a 1.5-ounce shot of straight liquor.” This means that all forms of alcohol are just as harmful as the other. A popular area of worry while pregnant is around exactly what you can drink and eat while expecting. Risks of Drinking While Pregnant. But the potential effects of small amounts of alcohol on a developing baby are not well understood. RELATED: How Much Water Should I Drink While Pregnant?