With a different manufacturer's case I assume mounting would be done more typically. Be Quiet! I have been developing software for 20 years and always hearing some damn fans. Silent Loop 280mm CPU cooler because after 2 months the pump went faulty and started rattling like mad. components again. I am impressed. But CBS (who is producing this) has no problem broadcasting its games at 60fps.… https://t.co/Ynd2pL1CtA, This is half-baked. Never gonna buy bequiet! The modular version is BN628, listed on Amazon as "Pure Power Gold 500W". Which in the case of the Straight Power 11 series makes it difficult for us to give it a positive evaluation. Straight Power 11 PSU series provides a new level of silent performance for systems that demand whisper-quiet operation without the slightest compromise in power quality. Today, after installing be quiet! The QHora-… https://t.co/lPUNpN2ug9, @mguthaus Nice configuration! @PatrickMoorhead It's over now, but Amazon was also running the game on Twitch. It causes an increased throughput of air which benefits to a higher cooling performance. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. I have a Dark Rock Pro 2 that I bought used for cheap as my CPU cooler and a Straight Power E9-CM 480W PSU that I also bought cheap used. It's a doozy , @lmcdo_ Even spitballing myself, you might say ~$20m for similar design processes that use similar EDA tools/transi… https://t.co/xF58MNZUJS. The maximum noise this power supply makes at full load under max wattage is a meagre 22.9dBa which is stunning, to say the least. With us specifically reviewing the 750w varia… IT IS NOT A MODULAR UNIT!. This wouldn't be an issue if the product image wasn't blatantly false advertising from the get go, especially since every single image listed for the BN626 product listing clearly shows images for the modular version. Coming in wattage outputs between 550w-1200w, there’s a model to suit everyone here. My water pump is the noisiest component in the case now. I hear everything except the computer, and can only tell if it's turned on by the lights. The 80 PLUS ® Platinum and Gold label proof the focus on efficiency of this latest generation of the Straight Power series. All of the Straight Power 11 models are certified for high efficiency (80 Plus Gold) and come with modular … Review be quiet! be quiet! It's literally half the framerate of a TV broadcast, Thanks to @crambob for the opportunity to discuss my thoughts on performance evaluation of various computing aspect… https://t.co/QsynLxMfFx, Plenty of Wi-Fi 6 routers with similar features makes it tough for new market entrants to differentiate. Straight Power 11 de su embalaje, nos encontramos ante una fuente de alimentación de formato ATX con unas dimensiones de 150 x 85 x 160 mm (ancho, alto, profundidad), por lo que está en la media en cuanto a profundidad. One construction detail is a little unusual: The external switch and power cord don't protrude directly through the back of the PC on my be quiet! claims to be the number one PSU manufacturer in Germany and they are continually working to expand their presence in North American as well. This is most definitely non-obvious, as the "BN626" model name doesn't imply wattage, product line, or modularity. Had put my old EVGA PSU back in and switch the CPU cooler for my old Corsair H100i. Wire-Free Design inside the PSU - Pushing the Longevity of Components to a Maximum. ... SilverStone Essential Gold 750W Review A great-value 80 Plus Gold PSU enters the arena. The 850w images for this Power supply are incorrct. Buy be quiet! Straight Power 11 850W Review 2 - +12V Rail Tests 3 - Efficiency 4 - Low Load Efficiency 5 - Ripple 6 - … 0. Its power output quality is very good, with our instruments showing well-regulated, stable voltage lines and good voltage ripple/noise filtering. Given that it's an 80Plus Gold-certified PSU, and considering its overall performance, the Straight Power 11 750W PSU should be retailing for less than $100 in order to remain competitive. Used it for a mid system and it's working well without problems as far as I can tell. It's the wrong choice, but it is technically a choice... @mrtanner69 Oof. BN619 Straight Power 11 750W Fully Modular Power Supply 80 Plus, Gold. The cooling duties are handled by a 120mm sleeve bearing fan. has been in the business of manufacturing high-performance power supply units for many years now and today with us we have their latest model to hit the market, the Straight Power 11 Platinum 750W. By continuing to use the site and/or by logging into your account, you agree to the Site’s updated. In this review we will take a detailed look at one of be quiet!’s top of the line power supplies, the Dark Power Pro 11 750W. Curious about the intended use-case(s) / number of parallel jobs. You can currently find the be quiet! See all details for be quiet! We’ve updated our terms. Thought an open box was a good deal for a gold rated unit, as i needed something with more output as ocing a 3700x and a 2080S were pushing the limit (550-590w when gaming at 4k) of my gold rated evga 650w (600w output with 90% efficiency). Meanwhile when it comes to noise, it's worth noting that Be Quiet! recently released its Straight Power 11 line, which consists of six models. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for be quiet! This is one of the happiest days in my life. BN619 Straight Power 11 750W on Amazon.com, Hot Test Results (~45°C Ambient Temperature). Straight Power 10 700W: i2Hard (ru) The overall performance of the Straight Power 11 750W PSU that we reviewed today is by all means a good PSU, yet incapable of competing with the equally priced offerings of other manufacturers. designed the Straight Power 11 Series to provide extremely reliable operation with minimal noise for systems that demand virtually silent operation. Dark Base 900. is a company that primarily designs and markets products for low noise output. Inside all of the Pure Power 11 power supply models is a be quiet! Straight Power 11. The unit does honor its 80Plus Gold efficiency certification, easily meeting the energy conversion efficiency requirements regardless of the load. The be quiet! Thanks for the review! I've had no problems so lighter is better. It stands but a step lower than the company's top-tier series, the Dark Power Pro, which bears a higher efficiency certification. Tried another motherboard. The Straight Power 11 PSU series stands at a peculiar place in the market, with Be Quiet! Straight power 11, the first time in my life I have a silent computer. It would be nice if a rifle bearing fan was used instead, providing a longer lif… You should consider this PSU for your next PC build if you can overlook the price. Inaccurate product image on PP11 500W! In particular, the fact that the fan speed is load-driven rather than temperature-driven would seem to be to the PSU's detriment. Then swapped PSU out for Corsair AX1200I. be quiet! May 23, 2018 | 17:00. NOT MODULAR, Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2019. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for be quiet! Hard to believe I had two High end PSU's fail. Same problem. THE STRAIGHT POWER 11 PLATINUM 750W EXTERIOR Once again be quiet! This does not affect the unit’s efficiency certification because the significant efficiency drop happens below the nominal load range but, as systems are becoming more and more energy efficient in general as laptop-like power management techniques make their way to desktops, it is likely to significantly affect the overall energy consumption of newer and future computers. Anunciada hace escasas fechas, ya tenemos la review de la nueva Be Quiet Straight Power 11 con potencias que van desde los 550W hasta los 1200 W por lo que cubren cualquier tipo de necesidad, por exigente que esta sea: Muchísimas gracias a Be Quiet por enviarnos la fuente de alimentación Be Quiet Straight Power 11 de 750W para esta review Straight Power 11 850W 80 Plus Platinum Modular Power Supply featuring 849.6W Four +12V Rails, 135mm Cooling Fan, Sleeved Modular Cables, ATX 12V v2.51 / EPS 12V v2.92, 94% Energy Efficiency Rating, 4 x PCIe Connectors, 11 x SATA Connectors, 4 x 4-Pin Peripheral Connectors, Comprehensive Protection. If you're looking for a modular unit, don't select this one. Swapped in cheap 550W HEC PSU I had laying around. But on the other hand, balancing the load between the rails is necessary and certain devices that require very high currents may even be unusable with such a PSU. The series has been improved internally and comes with a few new hardware tweaks. If you have a board like mine, which has an 8 pin connection and a 4 pin connection, it means you have to use all the available CPU cords on the 8 pin mb and leave the 4 pin mb connection empty. Top subscription boxes – right to your door. With the recent launch of the new be quiet! Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2020. Review be quiet! Nice post. Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2019. – from their new Straight Power 11 range. Anunciada a principio de año, por fin tenemos con nosotros la nueva fuente de alimentación Be Quiet!Straight Power 11 Platinum, un modelo con certificado de eficiencia 80 Plus Platinum y potencias que van desde los 550W a los 1200W para adaptarse a todo tipo de equipos modernos. Be quiet! It comes with a tangle of cords, and for my motherboard (md), many are not needed. Straight Power 11. Straight Power 11 Platinum Other than that, the designers did the best they could to make the PSU aesthetically pleasing without drawing unnecessary attention, keeping stickers out of sight and painting literally everything black. In this review, we're evaluating the 1kW flagship sporting an 80 PLUS Gold certification. Per Intel's claims, all Tiger Lake systems supporting Thunderbolt 4 also… https://t.co/negtquY2ho. BN619 Straight Power 11 750W Fully Modular Power Supply 80... © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2020. BN619 Straight Power 11 750W Fully Modular Power Supply 80 Plus, Gold at Amazon.com. All the capacitors within the Straight Power 11 are high-quality Japanese components as well, assisting in its 100,000 MTBF. Platinum 850W AstraZeneca/Oxford: here are our 12 dosing regimen… https://t.co/B6aulA2q4l, @MalwareMinigun It's still a physical 1440p rendered at 1080p - I could tell the difference. 80 PLUS ® Platinum efficiency (up to 93.7%) Virtually inaudible Silent Wings 3 135mm fan Today we take a look a power supply from be quiet! The Straight Power 11 Platinum models start from 550W and go up to 1200W, for users that need more power. Además, ofrece cableado completamente modular y 5 años de garantía para certificar su calidad. Swapped out CPU and then GPU. Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2020. The 600W SF-600 Platinum costs €120. @Jack_Mangano That's a distinct possibility. I generally like BeQuiet stuff. Their Dark Rock Pro coolers trade blows with Noctua ones while usually being a bit quieter. Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2019. Straight Power 11 750W is €125, the Corsair SF-450 Platinum costs €108, but it's a 450W PSU. The German designed Straight Power 11 850W power supply is certified for high efficiency (80 Plus Gold) and comes with all modular cables. 1 - Be Quiet! We at eTeknix review the be quiet! be quiet! This PSU removed both of those problems and holds up super well with all of my other components. This wasn't a big deal for me but, it might be for you. is a premium brand of power supplies, PC … Straight Power 11 850W Gold Power Supply. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. 120mm 1800rpm fan designed for silent and efficient cooling under load. Still had the same issue. it will be definately meets the demand of user. The images for 850w unit are incorrect and the description as well, their are more output modules then stated. Now I only wish that 'be quiet' could also replace my fridge, A/C, central heating, winter humidifiers and summer dehumidifers. Read … A physical 1080p scree… https://t.co/wdDsM6DpqW, I'm the kind of person so turned off the 120Hz so I could actually use the 1440p software rendering because I found… https://t.co/OZHhk1Ixqh, Glad a more popular YouTuber actually addresses this. It is also worthwhile to note that this is one of the very few premier PSUs that features multiple 12V rails. Straight Power 11 850W Review. If you want to disable Superfetch visit, thanks for the detailed post, if you are looking for free government grants and benefits to solve your financial problems, free cars for single mothers, be sure to visit for information here, Buy the Be Quiet! Thanx for sharing this post and Connect Your Roku Streaming Stick to your choice Choose your wireless business from the list of networks that are available and enter your password go to, System running slow due to maximum RAM. I've always found i… https://t.co/2qGkXGKhfv, @davezatz I am curious about the total area of the roof, the cost (inclusive of the Powerwalls), and the lead time… https://t.co/Xx4vky7YCq, @SFoskett Is it USB4-certified by USB-IF? Since that's English soccer, I'm betting it was recorded at 50fps at well; so you're probably only… https://t.co/SfKlwkxZih, @tmvn You're not wrong, of course. be quiet! A platinum efficiency rated 750w power supply. The Straight Power 11 850W carries a fairly standard five-year warranty. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. That was 720p60, and made a very no… https://t.co/DcW2aW9whp. The fan inlet of the Straight Power 11 750W is funnel-shaped. https://itechbeat.com/service-host-superfetch-wind... https://getgovtgrants.com/free-cars-grants-for-sin... Xiaomi Announces the Mi 11: First Snapdragon 888 Device, AT Deals: SK Hynix Gold S31 1 TB is $84 at Amazon, Intel's Maple Ridge (JHL8540) Thunderbolt 4 Controller Now Shipping, AT Deals: Seagate 12TB Exos HDD Drops to $254 at Amazon, Samsung Teases CES Announcement For Next Exynos SoC, NVIDIA Schedules GeForce CES Presentation for January 12th, Hands On: ASRock 4X4 BOX-4800U Out-of-Band Management using Realtek DASH, Intel Announces New Wave of Optane and 3D NAND SSDs, NVIDIA Extends GeForce RTX 3090 and 3080 Call of Duty Bundle to January, Biostar Launches B550M-Silver: Micro-ATX with 2.5 GbE and Wi-Fi 6, SambaNova Breaks Cover: $450M AI Startup with 8-Socket AI Training Solutions (and more), Pfizer/Moderna: this is our vaccine, that is the dosing regime. The Straight Power 11 750W Platinum weighs 1.7Kg and measures 160mm in length, 150mm in width and 86mm in height. STRAIGHT POWER 11 750W Platinum World Class Quiet and Efficiency. The 750W unit that we reviewed is indeed relatively quiet under normal operating conditions, but that can change very quickly when the unit is heavily loaded or if the ambient temperature is high. marketing it as a premium series, yet next to their actual premium series, the Dark Power Pro. Review: be quiet! This page works best with JavaScript. Ordered this PSU and system has been running fine with no problems so far. be quiet! It's smaller and lighter than some other power supplies with the same power rating but that doesn't seem to affect performance. has used double sleeved round cables instead of flat ones. An absolute innovation: The Straight Power 11 750W is wire-free on the DC side inside the PSU body. Unboxing of Straight Power 11 with wire-free design - YouTube Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Finally a silent computer after 20 years developing software, Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2019. Buy be quiet! Their case fans are second to none but their components are trash for some strange reason. That gives me a pretty much silent PC in combination with a Core i5-4570S @ 1V @3.6GHz and a 960 GTX graphics card. @jonmasters @handleym99 @aschilling @techinsightsinc It's the cluster *Shared Logic*. My old PC (i7-860, GTX 670, 8 GB DDR3 1600 MT/s, two SSDs, one HDD, 1 cpu fan, 2 case fans) idles at 35-40 W. According to this article. This is going to be good! Runs quiet and I like that the fan doesn't stop completely just turns extremely slowly. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. System specs - MSI B550m Mortar / Ryzen 9 3900x / Nvidia 2070 Super / 2 - 1TB M.2 drives / 1 - 1TB WD HDD / 2 - 200GB HDD - Water cooled Swiftech 240mm radiator w/MCP55x pump / 6 - 120mm RGB fans / 1 - 200mm RGB fan. Problem solved. Also, be aware, it only supplies two 4 pin connectors for the CPU power. Straight Power 11 Platinum 750W PSU for $150, so if you value your peace and quiet, make sure to check it out. Although the very aggressive thermal profile of the Straight Power 11 maintains very low operating temperatures that will surely improve the longevity of the PSU, it also places the Straight Power 11 behind the competition when it comes to acoustics, which does not bode well for a product that low noise operation is the basis of its entire marketing plan. At least some of the cables, which are the most difficult part to conceal when building a PC, could be replaced by ribbon-like cables that are thinner and more flexible than sleeved cables, yet the designer opted for uniformity and added sleeving to every single cable of the PSU. Straight Power 11 platinum power supplies, they really are as straight forward as the name would suggest. great technology. Una vez liberamos la Be Quiet! Had intermittent system shut downs oftentimes while the system was idling. Our only complaint is that the very low load efficiency of the Straight Power 11 750W PSU is poor. Power supply died less than a month after installing, Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2019, Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2020. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Straight Power 11 Platinum (1,000W) by Tarinder Sandhu on 4 February 2020, 14:01 ... 2020's Straight Power 11 Platinum is available in 550W, 650W, 750W… Revision 11 of the Straight Power series has been revamped and updated towards 2020. be quiet! This week I had to RMA my bequiet! Dark Power PRO 11 550W: Review Studio Dec 9, 2015: be quiet! I almost RMA'd a perfectly good motherboard due to two faulty power supplies. The older parts are louder but at least they're not faulty and they do the job. Thought I had a bad motherboard. is known for making great PC components and the Straight Power 11 850W PSU is no different. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The 650W model i purchased delivers good stable power and there are no issues whatsoever. The efficiency certifications are not impressive, however this is not the case for the LAMBDA-A noise certification which proves that this is a very silent power supply. Same issue. This was with a Corsair AX860I which would trip and shut the system down. Dark Power Pro P11 550W: i2Hard (ru) Dec 6, 2015: be quiet! Straight Power 11 series sits just below the company’s high-end Dark Power Pro 11 series and includes six models: 450W, 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, and 1000W. These have issues with noisy fan and bad soldering quality, Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2020. This seems to have missed its mark a bit, they are usually pretty good about the noise levels. It might be a little pricey compared to other models, but the peace of mind in a good PSU really puts the decision to rest. Whether the presence of multiple rails is a good thing or not is a topic for debate – multiple rails are safer, as the protection circuitry will not allow a single cable or connector to draw the entirety of the unit’s power output and be damaged. The 1080p screens on the S21 and S21+ turn me off so much tha… https://t.co/oxBGTNakBi, I hope you all had a quiet Christmas time. They claim this is their quietest power supply range yet … There's an additional switch and a power cord pigtail that connects to the PSU which is mounted internally in the case. On paper, the Straight Power 11 is an impressive product, with impressive quality and performance specifications. Straight Power 11 750 Watt power supply. Moreover, according to its maker, which is Channel Well Technology – all necessary protection features are present. Be quiet! The older, Gold, line starts from 450W and reaches up to 1000W. Aesthetically, the Straight Power 11 is very subtle but does stand out a little, mostly due to its proprietary fan finger guard. BeQuiet! That empty 4 pin connection means you will not be able to overclock the CPU. After checking the detailed item information I saw that the internal model name was BN626, which turns out to indeed be the non-modular model. Be Quiet Straight Power 11 750W: Play3r Apr 26, 2018: Be Quiet Straight Power 11 850W: HardwareCooking (fr) Apr 22, 2018: be Quiet! and the content is also really effective.for more information please do have a look at, Such as really nice post. https://www.anandtech.com/show/11180/the-nvidia-ge... https://geeksquads.xyz/geek-squad-chat-support/. Be Quiet! Be Quiet! When combined with the Platinum efficiency rating (one of the best you can get) these clearly have to be designed and built to an exceptionally high standard. Dark Power Pro 11 (1200w) because it was making a popping sound when i switched it on, followed by sparks coming out of the back. Be Quiet's Straight Power 11 is a unit designed to provide premium quality and performance to advanced users. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. I felt it was too quiet, especially with #Techanuary just around the cor… https://t.co/8gkUCNf7XL, @PatrickMoorhead I'd hazard a guess and say Intel's tools are non-standard, optimized mostly for Intel, especially… https://t.co/4Es0Ip0Ql9, I dare you to hate me for my next video. Images clearly show modular PSU, but non-modular was shipped. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Straight Power 11 Platinum 750W raises the bar for systems that demand virtually inaudible operation and outstanding efficiency 80 PLUS Platinum certification with an outstanding efficiency of up to 93 7% Virtually inaudible operation thanks to a Silent Wings 3 135mm fan Big funnel-shaped fan opening of the PSU case for high airflow intake Wire-free on the DC side inside the PSU for enhanced cooling and longevity … In terms of electrical performance, the Straight Power 11 PSU does perform very well overall. Straight Power 11 Platinum 750W raises the bar for systems that demand virtually inaudible operation and outstanding efficiency. Last month I RMA'd a bequiet! Straight Power 11 750W 80 Plus Platinum Modular Power Supply featuring 750W Four +12V Rails, 135mm Cooling Fan, Sleeved Modular Cables, ATX 12V v2.51 / EPS 12V v2.92, 94% Energy Efficiency Rating, 4 x PCIe Connectors, 11 x SATA Connectors, 4 x 4-Pin Peripheral Connectors, Comprehensive Protection. I went from a corsair PSU that was very loud and oddly whirls when under load. Straight Power 11 750W 750W ATX Black power supply unit - power supply units (750 W, 100-240, 820 W, 50-60, Active, 150 W),gold,BN283 at Amazon.com. Installing it was fun and the unit is beautiful. BN619 Straight Power 11 750W Fully Modular Power Supply 80... be quiet! Reading many of the "Questions and Answers" about this unit, I was led to believe it was a modular unit. If you want to disable superfetch visit, if you really wants to do safe and secure browsing then here on our homepage on just single click you will get