). After the package has been delivered: If the mistake was yours, the eBay seller is not responsible for your order being sent to the wrong address. Let me reiterate, I was home when the driver stated he delivered it. amazon delivered package to wrong house. They sent me a picture of the delivered mail, and it was definitely not my front porch. If they go to an address in your general neighborhood (right street but wrong number or directional) NextDoor can be useful. they shipped itn so let THEM deal with the shippers. I already got a refund from Amazon, but still the fact that after a week my neighbors have not returned my package to me is actually making me increasingly mad. Amazon delivered a package to my neighbors door mistakenly and snapped a picture of their doorstep + my package. Picture is not my house. I looked everywhere. And you might also be in violation of postal codes. His package was from something he ordered off Ebay so it couldn't have just been a mixup at the Amazon warehouse. ask your neighbors if they received a package with your name on it by accident. This can get kind of dicey. if they donxt want to, they can refund your money. While walking my dog today, I actually found this wrong address. otherwise, you need to talk to the person who shipped it. i live in an apartment, and i believe the previous tenants neglected to change the default ship-to address on their Amazon account, so the packages they've recently ordered are being sent to me. A couple of days later, someone from that wrong address brought the package over. If it aint delivered to you then its up to amazon to ship another or retrieve the misdelivered goods and re-deliver them to you. ; Select Order Details link for the order you want to change.. To edit orders shipped by Amazon, select Change next to the details you want to modify (delivery shipping address, payment method, gift options, etc. If you keep something delivered to your address in error, and you know the item does not belong to you, then you have stolen it. This is the second package that was delivered to the wrong address. What else can I do? I’m in the middle of a UPS claim for a “missing package”. To add items to an upcoming AmazonFresh delivery, see Add to Upcoming AmazonFresh Delivery.. To change your order information: Go to Your Orders. Last spring, we found an Amazon package inside the package that my brother received. It's urgent because my relative only stay in the States until end of this week. Delivered package to wrong house My package delivered to wrong house Delivered to wrong address. We have to say that Amazon’s use of the post office has caused pretty much all of the delivery problems we’ve encountered. Now the package is delivered to the wrong address and I don't know what to do. (the package that was shipped to the wrong address aint your package - its amazons. I know it's them because of the color and the stupid cacti on their porch. i'm certainly not the intended recipient, as i don't recognize the names on the shipping labels and i'm not expecting any gifts. i received 3 amazon packages over the last few days. It dont become yours until its delivered), 1 0. Upon text notification of package delivery, I walked from my kitchen to my front door to check. *image shown of delivery is not my house... My package with to the wrong house says package delivered -- picture taken of package on door step is NOT my house! 7 years ago. Occasionally my uber eats gets delivered to the wrong address too, this same one. it is THEIR responsibility to make sure it gets to you. You can still contact the seller to see if he or she is willing to help, but, overall, there isn’t much the seller can do. Roger Mason. I suppose I could ask my relative to check out the wrong address and see if they are nice enough to return our package. In the most recent case we encountered, it turned out that the USPS had delivered the package to the wrong address.