Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Does this actually work? i think most of them thought you meant under the actual key board. Ehh.. Looks like I accidentally got some pen ink smeared on the code area.Hopefully that doesn't screw it up or something, lulz. I am switching laptops and want to save them and put them on my new laptop. This can be a problem when you’re attempting to resell a laptop or if an old sticker gets shredded then gets all gummy and dirty. 1 0. ad. If it's a painted surface, the chances of removing it without damaging the paint are very low. That encourages separation of lable and glue layer. Will it harm the laptop? Still have questions? Once you've pried an edge up, pull slowly and carefully, not letting the angle between laptop surface and label get too large. I have seen people using vinegar, make sure to … After removing the sticker, you can rub the sticker residue with a soft cloth, dipping in warm water. Scraping off the sticker. However, they are not so easy to remove too. you can remove them from the outside of the laptop. Id leave them. What if I leave a tablet turned off for a month after fully charging it? The stickers are not going to stay fresh for more than a year or two, depending upon its quality. In such cases, the most difficult task of the whole process after peeling off the sticker is to store it appropriately and not forget where this archive is located first there are stickers that has your product key and a proof of purchase.these product keys is useful(theoreically:if you have the OEM cd of that computer).example,if you have that disks,you can install the operating system again(or sometimes,the microsoft office stickers) when its messed up.and also,some computers have stickers on the underside for microsoft office 20xx.if its in trial,you can activate it using the sticker of the microsoft office 20xx that can seen under of you laptop(because most laptops has trial software that needs to be activated by buying a new software,or using the sticker under your laptop).and also,the proof of purchase sticker is useful,too.when the computer is messed up(overheating and stuff),you can use that proof of purchase sticker.because every brand of laptops has many models.and every models different parts(motherboard,processor and some sort of like that).if you need a repair,they will identify what are the parts and what are the thing needed a repair(and check up,if possible) and to be replaced when its messed up. and also(because it doesnt fit on the "why no? If you think those are hard, try removing the massive Asus stickers with build info after a couple of years of use. You can like them for a while, but you won’t like the sticky surface they leave as soon as you try to remove them. Seen a few videos of people showing how it can be done with ease.. oh, wait... so that Bar code box scan this is the most important thing on here?? RE: Remove the Intel Inside Sticker from XPS Those stickers usually catch on something and start coming off on their own after a few months of use. Every day with trendy stickers you’ll love which cover your laptop, notebooks, bottles, and anything you wish with fun designs. I've got a hp Pavilion dv7 with a total of 4 stickers underneath the keyboard... (biggest is hp sticker with few symbols on it, 2nd biggest is one of those "scan box codes" or some ****.., and last 2 is Window 7 and Intel i5). So, you have an old laptop you want to sell (or maybe you’re thinking of buying a used one) and you want to get rid of the stickers decorating the entire surface of the thing. I had to break out the alcohol and masking tape, and to this day, the palm rest still feels slightly rubbery around the old sticker area. i had my laptop on my lap and it got quite heated up. They're all just annoying to look at, that's all. Enjoy! Then use a bit of vegetable oil to dissolve the glue underneath. If you’re not worried about … The sticker will get detached from the top of the MacBook surface quite easily. If the method of rubbing with finger fails to work, then you should simply cut off a sticky tape and place on the spot. I could always just peel em off and place the important stickers in a zip-lock baggy to hand on to, am I right?? Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. it is so easy. 9 years ago. You should sta r t off by removing the stickers using a razor blade to help you get a clean peel. Peel what you can off first, by hand.