Remembering Tomasz Stańko

Ancient ocean, you are the symbol of identity: always equal to yourself. Essentially you never change, and if your waves are somewhere lashed into fury, elsewhere they are stilled in the most complete peace. You are not like men, who linger in the street to watch two bulldogs tearing at each other’s throats but who hurry on when a funeral passes; who in the morning may be reasonable and in the evening evil-tempered; who laugh today and weep tomorrow. I salute you, ancient ocean!

“Les Chants de Maldoror” by Lautreamont

(photo by Kevin Gordon)

ECM Records selection. Sequenced by Manfred Eicher

Tomasz Stanko “Maldoror’s War Song” live

Tomasz Stanko “Maldodr’s War Song” from the “Bosonossa and other Ballads”


December Avenue

ECM 2532 CD 6025 5726302 2 RELEASE: MARCH 31ST 2017

Tomasz Stanko New York Quartet December Avenue


"Music it is a kind of dream." Beautiful video clip for a charity DREAM PROJECT.


A few nice picks from the Festival in Sarajevo

Grand Central

An animation to a tune "Grand Central" from "Dark Eyes" album


Tomasz Stańko "Polin" Music for Polin - Museum of The History of Polish Jews

Honorary prize 2014 from The German Record Critics’ Award Association

Tomasz Stanko received one of the tree honorary prizes 2014 given by the ‘Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik’ (PdSK), an independent association of more than 140 journalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as it was announced on January 15th in Bonn. With the award the jury acknowledges Stanko’s lifelong work as Polands most important jazz ambassador [...]